The holiday house is in the north-east part
of Berlin in the district of Pankow (Weissensee).

Pankow is an idyllic part of Berlin. Pankow has, in contrast to the
busy city centre, the largest nature reserve in the north-east of Berlin.
Experience tranquil and relaxing walking or cycle tours in the nature
reserve or forest, close by.

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If you wish, there is a golf course in the nature reserve at Blankenburg which is 6 minutes away by car from Quartier Soleil.
You can play golf if you are not
a club member on an 18 hole or on a 9 hole golf course. Cost is 18 € +. Enjoy your hobby.



If you want to go sightseeing and explore the most important sites in the
city of Berlin by car Alexander Place is 24 min. away, Potsdamer Platz
is 27 min. and Brandenburger Gate and Siegessäule are 34 minutes.

Berlin is home to more than fifty Christmas Markets that run the month of December. The average temps in December run about 40 during the day and 30 in the evening.

You can see the sights of the capital Berlin without a car. The public
transport system is excellent and one of the quickest and most efficient
in the world.

You can actually reach any part of
Berlin by train and bus. Tickets for
a short journey cost 2.10€ and tickets which you can use the bus, train and tram cost 6.10 € for an entire day.



You can find further information on Berlin Activities under the
Berlin info link.








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