Pankow Nature Reserve

Pankow has one of the most significant brooding areas for water birds and the most important spawning area for amphibians and reptiles in the north of Berlin. Since 1966, 68 brood bird species have been counted, which are all identified as rare species.  For example, the Greylag Goose, the Western Marsh-Harrier, the Spotted Crake and many types of ducks.  Moor frog, grass frog, common toad, garlic toad and pool frog all live here.  There is also the extremely rare green toad.

The nature reserve allows an extraordinary experience for people who are interested in nature in this area.  You can find peace and tranquility on the outskirts of the city of Berlin. There are lots of educational moments where you can increase you knowledge. On the well-marked hiking trail, you can explore the complete nature reserve.  Viewing platforms offer the opportunity for hidden observation, without breaking the peace of the manifold bird population.




Pictures from the tall tree forest







                                                                                                                                              2006 Quartier Soleil